Stanford with B’s?

In class, we’ve had time in class to fuel our brains whether it’d be an AP/honors book or reading a blog post! During my brain fuel time, I recently began to read a book called, “How To Be a High School Superstar” by Cal Newport. The other day, I was laughed at from another student for carrying this book. However, she did not know that while she is stressing out over AP classes and excessive amount of extracurricular activities, this book gave real-life scenarios who were able to do less, live a little to no stress life, and still be able to get into some of the nation’s top colleges! This was a revolutionary plan to get into college by standing out (without burning out).

For example, Kate, a high school senior, managed to get her schedule to where she could end the day before lunch to work on an independent study project. She finished her homework early and avoided almost all extracurricular activities. She was able to get into Princeton while many of her friends, who had taken more courses and scored better grades, settled for the waitlist. This book reminds of the blog post Mr. Theriault had us read.

We have constantly been preparing for our future and college readiness by trying to complete guidelines and requirements. We are getting ready for something that might not even happen! During club rush at my school, I signed up for more than 5 clubs! I pressured myself to get involved and put myself in more extracurricular activities than I was able to handle. By the end of October, I ended up dropping every single club I signed up for because I knew I wasn’t happy and it was only causing me more stress. Being a member in a couple of clubs wouldn’t stand out to colleges anyway. I definitely recommend this book to teens in middle school and high school as a more appropriate guide for college!


“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”

Last friday, we just finished reading our Sophocles book that includes Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, and Antigone. We read Antigone in 2 days in order to take our test on Friday that everyone has been dreading… Anyway, this particular quote from the book I absolutely love, “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.” This can be meaningful and applied in so many ways. I recently read a post where someone was going through many personal struggles similar to what many everyday teens go through. Unfortunately, he could no longer deal with all of the pain and wanted to shut it all off by taking his own life. That word he chose was not ‘love’ but ‘suicide’. Some people may also agree that love comes with weight and pain of its own. Have you ever though of it? Of how easy it would be? Of how you could jump out the window or step in front of a car? Dealing with more pain than you can cope with?

(Warning for language)

I stumbled upon Anna Akana on YouTube and in this video, she discusses the topic of suicide. She lost her sister who committed suicide. It affects the people around you and people will miss you a lot. The entire message she tries to get across is basically, “Don’t do it”. If you haven’t made that decision, you would’ve had, how many extra years for things to change.

What If?

Recently, in class, we’ve started the “What If?” movement and Idea farming. We have been looking for ideas to innovate. It is also known as seed shopping or places to find seeds. Our innovation ideas are intended to feed or help other’s needs. We are given the opportunity to work with others on this innovation project.  Everyone’s innovation project is to be finished by the end of 3rd quarter to present to others. I think this is a great way for people to share their ideas and let others know of their abilities.

I’ve thought about my innovation project for a couple weeks now. Originally, since I’m in band and I play the vibraphone, I thought of pushing my instrument out to different areas and playing music for random people. That way, they can stop, listen, and enjoy free music! They would also be able to donate to fund our band for new instruments, equipment, etc. I was concerned how time consuming this would be and whether I would be able to transport my instrument around. My friends, Melanie and Mahum, are planning to bake goods and sell it to others locally and also off I’ve decided with them that I would be able to help film them baking, so they could share tips and tricks of baking to the world. This would be my innovation project! I’m still not 100% sure about this, so leave suggestions down below on any other innovation ideas!

Prelude and Fugue

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I know I should be updating this blog at least once per week, but… Just kidding. No excuses! I’m actually in the shoes of a lot of the sophomores… Homework piling up in one day and multiple exams on the same day! AP Euro, sigh… Why do teachers have to put us under so much stress? Alright, anyway, one of the many things I do to relieve this stress is by using music (although sometimes music puts me under stress too). Whether I’d be listening to it or playing it!

If you guys didn’t know already, yes, I play the piano!  I’ve been playing since 3rd grade! So it’s been about 7 years now! I love how the piano is such a versatile instrument. Anyone can play it! You can use your ear to easily find the melody of a tune. Piano lessons allow me to get tips on how to improve and become a better performer from an experienced teacher. Currently, I’m enrolled in the MTAC CM (Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate of a Merit) program. This program evaluates each student based on performance, ear-training, sight-reading, theory, and technique. They place the students in levels that range from prepatory to advanced. High school students that are finishing their high school diploma (in the program National Guild of Piano Teachers) are usually in the higher levels. In the National Guild auditions, you have to play either an International Program (15 pieces) or a National Program (10 pieces) for the high school diploma. You are also asked to play scales, arpeggios, and cadences in any key to demonstrate technique. In performing repertoire, the student is judged on matters of interpretation, continuity, pedaling, dynamics, tone, etc. Everything might be very confusing to understand… I’m currently training for the 10 pieces program for my high school diploma this year! The title of this post is actually two pieces that I will be performing for this program! Not only am I practicing piano for about 30 minutes every day to train for this, it also helps me relieve stress! Killing two birds with one stone. 🙂 Playing piano allows me to express my emotions easily through music. I definitely recommend music as a solution to any problem or just simply to relieve stress!

RE:Framed Blogs


First off, I’m Chelsea and welcome to my blog where you may find all sorts of things/thoughts pertaining to my life, but mainly, I will be reminding myself and others to stay positive and help others spread positivity through quotes and personal experiences. Feel free to follow!

When I walked into my English class on the first day of school, I could tell things were going to be different from the norm. One of our assigned tasks so far is to maintain a blog by posting every week about any topic that we’ve chosen. How cool is that? I’m excited to be given an assignment that I am looking forward to complete each week. This isn’t like the typical homework given everyday and tests every week… Being able to write freely is going to be a great experience for all of us. I know that this might be a challenge for me because I may not be the strongest writer, but I might as well take this opportunity to express my thoughts, interests or anything that is on my mind! Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Here’s the start to my journey!