RE:Framed Blogs


First off, I’m Chelsea and welcome to my blog where you may find all sorts of things/thoughts pertaining to my life, but mainly, I will be reminding myself and others to stay positive and help others spread positivity through quotes and personal experiences. Feel free to follow!

When I walked into my English class on the first day of school, I could tell things were going to be different from the norm. One of our assigned tasks so far is to maintain a blog by posting every week about any topic that we’ve chosen. How cool is that? I’m excited to be given an assignment that I am looking forward to complete each week. This isn’t like the typical homework given everyday and tests every week… Being able to write freely is going to be a great experience for all of us. I know that this might be a challenge for me because I may not be the strongest writer, but I might as well take this opportunity to express my thoughts, interests or anything that is on my mind! Every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow. Here’s the start to my journey!



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