Prelude and Fugue

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone! I know I should be updating this blog at least once per week, but… Just kidding. No excuses! I’m actually in the shoes of a lot of the sophomores… Homework piling up in one day and multiple exams on the same day! AP Euro, sigh… Why do teachers have to put us under so much stress? Alright, anyway, one of the many things I do to relieve this stress is by using music (although sometimes music puts me under stress too). Whether I’d be listening to it or playing it!

If you guys didn’t know already, yes, I play the piano!  I’ve been playing since 3rd grade! So it’s been about 7 years now! I love how the piano is such a versatile instrument. Anyone can play it! You can use your ear to easily find the melody of a tune. Piano lessons allow me to get tips on how to improve and become a better performer from an experienced teacher. Currently, I’m enrolled in the MTAC CM (Music Teacher’s Association of California Certificate of a Merit) program. This program evaluates each student based on performance, ear-training, sight-reading, theory, and technique. They place the students in levels that range from prepatory to advanced. High school students that are finishing their high school diploma (in the program National Guild of Piano Teachers) are usually in the higher levels. In the National Guild auditions, you have to play either an International Program (15 pieces) or a National Program (10 pieces) for the high school diploma. You are also asked to play scales, arpeggios, and cadences in any key to demonstrate technique. In performing repertoire, the student is judged on matters of interpretation, continuity, pedaling, dynamics, tone, etc. Everything might be very confusing to understand… I’m currently training for the 10 pieces program for my high school diploma this year! The title of this post is actually two pieces that I will be performing for this program! Not only am I practicing piano for about 30 minutes every day to train for this, it also helps me relieve stress! Killing two birds with one stone. 🙂 Playing piano allows me to express my emotions easily through music. I definitely recommend music as a solution to any problem or just simply to relieve stress!


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