Stanford with B’s?

In class, we’ve had time in class to fuel our brains whether it’d be an AP/honors book or reading a blog post! During my brain fuel time, I recently began to read a book called, “How To Be a High School Superstar” by Cal Newport. The other day, I was laughed at from another student for carrying this book. However, she did not know that while she is stressing out over AP classes and excessive amount of extracurricular activities, this book gave real-life scenarios who were able to do less, live a little to no stress life, and still be able to get into some of the nation’s top colleges! This was a revolutionary plan to get into college by standing out (without burning out).

For example, Kate, a high school senior, managed to get her schedule to where she could end the day before lunch to work on an independent study project. She finished her homework early and avoided almost all extracurricular activities. She was able to get into Princeton while many of her friends, who had taken more courses and scored better grades, settled for the waitlist. This book reminds of the blog post Mr. Theriault had us read.

We have constantly been preparing for our future and college readiness by trying to complete guidelines and requirements. We are getting ready for something that might not even happen! During club rush at my school, I signed up for more than 5 clubs! I pressured myself to get involved and put myself in more extracurricular activities than I was able to handle. By the end of October, I ended up dropping every single club I signed up for because I knew I wasn’t happy and it was only causing me more stress. Being a member in a couple of clubs wouldn’t stand out to colleges anyway. I definitely recommend this book to teens in middle school and high school as a more appropriate guide for college!


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