(Excuse my obnoxious brother…)

Probably one of my favorite holidays only because it shows the true spirit and true passion within us by revealing how grateful we can be (and the food and hunger, I guess). In Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens’ use of the repetition of hunger at the first word of each sentence showed that hunger became the peasants’ first thought because without food, they couldn’t do anything! He uses this technique to have us be at “hunger” at every breath.

Thanksgiving. For me, it opens my eyes. It shows no matter how much I tend to dislike my family at times, I know for a fact that they will always be there for me no matter what, and for that I love them with all my heart. It shows no matter how much of a nuisance my friends can be, they are always there to listen and help me with my problems and for that I am grateful. It makes me realize that my life isn’t that bad when I have everything that could make an unfortunate person happy. I have a house I live in that provides me shelter-something that a wide variety of people don’t have. I have food to eat when there are millions of starving people in the world. I have people who are there for me, care for me, and stick with me to the very end no matter what despite my past mistakes. I have a computer with internet and the opportunity to express myself freely through online resources without the fear of being criticized or judged. I’m thankful for everyone that has been apart of my life this past year. And it’s this year in which I’ve seen the most growth in myself. I might not show it everyday but I’m truly thankful to have such amazing people in my life. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other because all that matters is they’re here now.

Happy Thanksgiving! Give thanks. (And don’t forget to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight! 🙂 Just kidding, haha)


The Pursuit of Happiness

Lately, my friends have been feeling down lately. Whether it would be getting through a relationship or being concerned of their reputation. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve felt the same many times before, too. Currently, for me, it’s more of stressing over grades, homework load, and whether I could manage my time wisely through my sophomore year. I’ve wondered, how do people stay so happy, when there are constantly people putting others down and sadness everywhere? I’ve always wondered how to be that one positive person in the sea of negative people. I would sometimes let the negative people drag me down with them. When I had problems, I’d keep them bottled up thinking no one cared for them. I didn’t want to be the person who dragged others down with them. I wanted to be positive, make people feel better, and be happier for myself and others!

Some ways that I wanted to share that could help bring a smile to others/just saving them from having a bad day:

  • Be genuine. Show your true self!
  • Tell them how great they are.
  • Be a great listener. They’ll feel loved knowing someone values their thoughts/opinions.
  • But remember, be respectful of others’ needs too! We can choose to brighten up their day.
  • Don’t try to change them, but rather, try to help them be themselves!
  • Also, you DO NOT have to agree with everything they say to maintain a good relationship with them. Be kind, but you can agree to disagree.

Hope you have a great day today! And don’t forget to stay positive for others too!