Another door opens…

photo (2)

This is my second family, the front ensemble also known as the pit. As the marching season comes to an end, I’ve began to feel nostalgic and reflect on how much we grew as an ensemble and as a family.

I’ve really enjoyed coming to practice and spending countless hours each week with these people. Knowing that this will be our band director, Wampler’s last and final year, every member poured their heart and soul and left everything they had out on the field of each performance. Performing to a full crowd and having them stand up and clap for you after your performance. Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Knowing that they came out and paid tickets to watch your group perform. They’re not just people that dread sitting through your performance at a half-time show football game. That’s the best part. Performing with people you love for people who come to watch you perform. It’s not about the tub of trophies we won. Literally, we have gigantic tubs of trophies.

“As one door of happiness closes, another one opens.” It’s not over yet. When marching season ends, that means something else is coming.  This means percussion indoor winter season. It will be my 2nd year doing indoor drumline. And I have to say, it is definitely better than marching season. However, rehearsals continued to occupy my schedule every week. During indoor, a stronger bond grows between the battery and the pit. Going to Dayton last year meant a lot to me. Especially when Castro, our captain, would give a motivational speech before every competition. One quote was “If he can do it, and she can do it, so can you.” which pushed me to work harder than ever before. I’m extremely excited and ready to take on this indoor season.


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