First Dates

First Dates. The first thing that came to mind was the movie 50 First Dates. Loved that movie. Anyway, recently, instead of a discussion about Tale of Two Cities, we had a set up power point presentation about First Dates. It was quite interesting and informative. The boys jokingly said, “We got to take notes!” I’m sure most of the girls felt extremely awkward, because I know I did. Although I’m glad this was only the start on Theriault’s many life lessons. When he told us to take out a pen and a piece of paper, I could hear everyone panicking and my heart dropped. This meant we had a reading check quiz and for many, on chapters we haven’t read yet. However, he told us to either reflect on our very first date or write about an ideal first date. Not that I want to share what I wrote down, but I’d like to share some of the advice he gave us! I know most girls would always have in mind of the perfect ideal man and wants everything to fall in place on exactly how they want it to be on a perfect first date. In reality, sometimes things don’t turn out as expected. (Although first impressions aren’t always as it seems) Just like Sydney Carton from Tale of Two Cities! We thought of him as a worthless wreck, but we soon discovered his love for Lucie and that he would do anything for her and anyone dear to her. Even though first impressions may be deceiving, it would still be nice to create a good first impression on the first date. Here are a few ideas!

Probably one of my favorites, although it is quite pricey, is spending time with your significant other all day at an amusement park, preferably Disneyland! 🙂 If you’re willing to save the money for a ticket, it could be quite the special date! (And also make reservations at the Blue Bayou for dinner!)

Another fun idea is to go ice skating! Don’t know how to ice skate? Great. Chances are one or the other will not know how to ice skate. This will result in one clinging onto the other for support/balance! The cold will also cause close proximity. 🙂 Maybe get some hot chocolate! Most of the time, there are nearby indoor ice skating rinks, but if you’re lucky, you can get to an outdoor ice skating rink!

A more scenic kind of first date could be at the beach during a sunset! Again, the cold will result in close proximity. Going to the beach is also a very inexpensive date idea! Walk along the shore and watch the sunset.

Although it may be super nerve wracking, the most important thing is just to have fun and enjoy each other’s company! No matter where you go, it should be a fun day filled with memories with who you go with! I hope you enjoyed my post and learned a little something for the future 🙂 Good luck!


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