You have cat to be kitten me right meow!

Oh, silly cat puns. To help us understand more of the different techniques used in comedy, we watched Galaxy Quest in class a couple weeks ago. It’s a parody on the series, Star Trek. A scene in the movie that shows that humor involves the thought that something is a mistake, is when Tommy Webber starts screaming as the spaceship enters the minefield from not being able to steer the ship properly. We learned that comedy can never be mean and funny at the same time. Mr. Theriault also talked about how a sense of humor is one of the best assets to find in someone. A sense of humor means that they can lighten up the mood during dark times and they know when to use their humor. I use sarcasm all the time and when I find that someone doesn’t get my sarcasm, I find it difficult to be funny with them. Things that cause us to laugh may be unexpected or just from extreme ignorance or stupidity. The kind of comedy this week for me has been funny cat videos. I mean who ever gets bored of these kinds of videos? Not only are cats funny, but they are adorable! I mean, would you look at that GIF? The cat automatically steals the coin. While you endure with the anticipation of your final grades, here are some funny cat videos that show physical humor! Hopefully, they help relieve some stress and make your day somewhat brighter. I’m sure some of you could really use a laugh right now! After all, laughter is medicine! 🙂

“There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.” -Charles Dickens




This is only the start of what my innovation project is going to be. I’ve decided to start easy and start with rainbow loom because of all I’ve heard about it. Here are a look of what some of them look like so far. The other day, I finally made the time to go to Michael’s to also buy some embroidery floss to make customizable bracelets. Although, I’m unsure of how much time this will take, I’ve decided to try it. I’ve also decided to make another type of bracelets using faux leather, pendants, and a couple of jump rings. When I made one yesterday, it caught my little brother’s attention right away and he immediately offered to pay for it! (Of course, I just gave it to him for free..) Although this project may be a little time consuming, I am hoping time won’t be that big of a deal. I’ll keep everyone updated here with my project and how it goes!

Here’s another link to my project!


The idea of a mish-mash assignment in class today was quite neat. It allowed students like myself to expand with our creativity. He gave us the option of doing something else unique from the usual blog posts or making a fun homework assignment that our class could possibly do. Another option was creating pictures inspired by cintascotch ( He finds household items and draws around it to create a different image! I decided to use cintascotch’s idea because the idea fascinated me right away. It gives a new light and perspective on items I never really gave much thought to. Although, at first, for the first 30 minutes of class, I struggled to get an idea of what I wanted to do and almost decided to give up. When I got home, I looked everywhere for inspiration. Where did I find my inspiration? From the pantry. Of course, food. Here’s what I came up with!

I’m really glad I got great feedback with my work. A comment that meant a lot to me was that Javier Perez of cintascotch liked my picture and asked to use the idea with the marimba! I was very happy that my ideas were shared with others and retweeted among different teachers as well. Most importantly, I’m glad I decided to keep searching for ideas and didn’t give up. “Seven times down, eight times up…”