This is only the start of what my innovation project is going to be. I’ve decided to start easy and start with rainbow loom because of all I’ve heard about it. Here are a look of what some of them look like so far. The other day, I finally made the time to go to Michael’s to also buy some embroidery floss to make customizable bracelets. Although, I’m unsure of how much time this will take, I’ve decided to try it. I’ve also decided to make another type of bracelets using faux leather, pendants, and a couple of jump rings. When I made one yesterday, it caught my little brother’s attention right away and he immediately offered to pay for it! (Of course, I just gave it to him for free..) Although this project may be a little time consuming, I am hoping time won’t be that big of a deal. I’ll keep everyone updated here with my project and how it goes!

Here’s another link to my project!


3 thoughts on “Bracelets

  1. My friend’s little sister is obsessed with these! I’m excited to see you post about the other braclets you are going to make! I used to make floss bracelets but stopped because my hands started hurting..oops haha.

  2. Oh innovation, the defining glory between possible and impossible. Like with this, I’m always amazed at what people come out with. Similarly, but not, make energy go farther. Good reading on both sites though!

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